Baton Rouge is a beautiful town with many diverse areas and neighborhoods, and great neighborhoods deserve great fences. The fences built by Pinnacle Exterior Construction are a wonderful selection of wood, metal, and masonry alongside the elegant convenience of automatic gates. We are proud to be the preferred fencing company in Baton Rouge.

Your home should be a place of peace and privacy, and the right fence can ensure that each moment is as private as you wish it to be. At Pinnacle Exterior Construction, each fence is paired with an industry-leading warranty because our fences are built to last. Fencing is an opportunity to enhance your property’s appearance, function, and value.


How Will Installing a Fence Benefit Your Property?

Installing a new fence on your property can come with many different benefits. Leading among them is the opportunity to create greater privacy for those who wish to enjoy the space, security to ensure your property remains a peaceful oasis, and beauty by adding style and elegance to the borders of your grounds.



Every family deserves privacy for those special moments that take place in the outdoor space surrounding your home. Whether your private property contains play equipment for children, hammocks and deck chairs for relaxing or even the perfect outdoor living space for hosting events, you should be able to do these things with a select amount of privacy. The right fence creates a visual and security barrier so that your moments are as private as you wish them to be.



Security is something enjoyed both inside and out. A good fence can be trusted to keep pets and small children safely inside your property while keeping unwanted visitors politely yet firmly on the outside.



Just because a fence is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Beautiful gardens are often defined by the elegance and aesthetic value of the fences that surround them. Define the mood and style of your space with your choice of fence material and design.


What You Can Expect From Us

Pinnacle Exterior Construction is proud to offer full-service residential fencing. With Pinnacle Exterior Construction, your experience starts with design – choosing the material, style, and shape of your fence in every detail. Our expert teams will then carry your vision through with swift and professional fence installation to realize your vision on your property. We will ensure your metal, masonry, or wood fence installation is seamless and tailored to your needs.



Fencing Materials We Install

Pinnacle offers industry-leading warranties on our fences because our fences are built to last. They provide an opportunity to enhance your property’s appearance, function, and value. We specialize in all fence types, including temporary fencing. We are expert installers of all fence types, including wood, aluminum, steel, vinyl, composite, and chain link, and we offer a large variety of specialty products as well. From high-security commercial fences to custom decorative fences, we can help design and expertly install the appropriate perimeter fence, security enclosure, or gate system for any situation.


Wood Fences

Wood fences are a classic choice that allows you to take full control of style and customization. Each Pinnacle Exterior Construction wood fence is both beautiful and durable. With options for raw or sealed, stained or painted finishes, you can customize your fence to match your home’s style perfectly. Whether you need a tall privacy fence or a charming white-picket fence, our team can bring your vision to life.


Metal Fences

For those who want an elegant and secure fencing option, metal fences are a great choice. Our metal fences are not only beautiful but also allow you to see across your landscaped garden or grounds, providing an unobstructed view of your surroundings. In addition, these fences can range from modern to classic styles to appropriately accent and enhance your property.



Brick and stone fencing offer a durable and timeless way to create a border around your property. High masonry fences provide exceptional security, while low brick fencing is a beautiful addition to any landscaping arrangement. With the ability to build custom shapes at the top and edges, our masonry fences add natural tones and a touch of sophistication to your property.


Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are the perfect addition to your property fencing, providing convenience and security in one. Our automatic fence gates glide on well-balanced tracks or aligned wheels for a seamless property entry and exit experience. With the latest automatic gate hardware, you can control your gates with a private remote, mobile app, or smart home control.


Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is the perfect solution for temporary property designs and events and can be customized to match your event’s aesthetic. No matter what your plans are, Pinnacle Exterior Construction can help you design the ideal temporary fencing, including stand-up privacy fencing, roll-out fencing, construction fencing, or customized event fencing.


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