Pinnacle strives for customer satisfaction in every pool that we build.  This gunite pool schedule will give you an idea of the process and timeline that we will use during the construction of your pool.  We have built many luxurious residential and commercial pools in and around Baton Rouge, and look forward to working with you!  Call us today for a free consultation.

Your gunite pool construction project from start to finish will take anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks weather permitting.  However, there are only roughly 12 working days to build a pool.  We have to wait 28 days for the gunite to cure once it is sprayed, so there are alot of days where no work is needed to be done.

Step 1

Layout & Set Elevations

Once a pool shape is chosen we flag out the pool in your yard so that you can picture what it will look like. If any adjustments need to be made that can happen easily prior to digging the pool. During this time we also set the elevation that the pool will be built at. Since the pool must be level any grading or retaining wall work that might be needed will be determined prior to even removing any dirt. As a high end pool builder here in Baton Rouge we do not cut any corners and build every pool as if it were in our very own backyard!

Step 2

Pool Excavation

Now that the pool location has been approved by the customer we strip all the topsoil and stockpile the dirt to be returned at the end of the job at no extra cost. Many companies charge extra machine time and or require you to pay for additional topsoil. We dig our own pools we do not use any subcontractors so we are able to spend the extra time to grade the job without additional costs.  By digging our pools in house we set our dirt grade right when we dig the pool. When digging our pool we hand shape the sides of the entire pool to ensure a true consistency of Gunite all around the pool.  Since we are local to Baton Rouge, we are familiar with the soil and water tables that may be associated with your project.

Step 3

Install Plumbing and Equipment

Right after the pool is dug all the plumbing is installed complete. We do not stub plumb any lines, all the plumbing is installed 100%. In doing this we can charge the plumbing system with air from a compressor to ensure there are no leaks. This test gets performed many times throughout the build process to ensure nothing has been broken during construction. We also install any electrical conduit in the same trench with the plumbing this way everything is together and decreases the chance of electrical conduit being damaged later.

Step 4

Install Steel Rebar

Our entire pool is caged in ½” 8 gauge steel rebar. Many companies use 3/8” 6 gauge steel to save on costs, ½” to 3/8” does not sound like a lot but when comparing side by side the difference is astounding. There are also companies that claim to use ½” throughout their pool but only use it on the bond beam at the top of the pool then drop down to 3/8”. Be sure to keep an eye out for this when choosing your pool builder here in Baton Rouge.

Step 5

Shoot Gunite

Pinnacle is a custom gunite pool builder in Baton Rouge.  Gunite cures to a higher psi than concrete and is a dry mix. Our pool walls are straight with a small bowl at the floor, this way you can swim up to the side of the pool and stand straight up with the arms on the coping. Once the Gunite is shot you will need to wet down the entire shell for 7 days. This wetting of the shell is what helps the Gunite to cure to its highest and strongest psi.  Gunite takes 28 days to cure before the plaster color can be applied.

Step 6

Install Tile & Coping

Prior to this step you will have stopped by our showroom in Baton Rouge or worked with a Pinnacle staff member to choose your choice of many included tiles and copings. There is something for every taste. Once the Gunite shell has cured tile and coping will be installed.

Step 7

Pour Deck

With so many different options to choose from for your pool deck, be sure to check out our gallery page to see some of the work we have completed from previous jobs. This is a great way to get a feel for what you are really looking for. We pour 4” of concrete per your plan and you will only be charged the square footage price for what we actually pour. We do include some stamped or exposed aggregate concrete decking in our base pricing so you can add whatever you like from there.

Step 8

Regrade Topsoil & Sod

Now that the deck has been poured we are ready to respread the topsoil that we stripped and stockpiled at the beginning of the job. We then spread seed so you can grow grass just like before we started the project.  We will bring in and lay new sod to the freshly graded topsoil.

Step 9

Plaster & Fill

The final step of the build process is the plaster, the finish coat on the inside of the pool.  Plastering can begin 28 days after the gunite is shot.  Whatever color you have chosen is hand troweled to a nice smooth finish. When the plaster is first applied it may seem like a different color than the one you picked. Do not panic! Once the plaster is on the plasterers still have to take the cream off the top. Once they finish the process it will look just like the color you chose! Once the pool is plastered it gets filled the same day. Once your water chemistry is balanced your ready to swim!!!

Step 10

Landscape & Fence

We are a one stop shop that can do any landscaping, landscape lighting, fencing, bulkhead, masonry, and any other external construction needs that you may have.  These tasks will now be completed once the pool plaster is completed.  These finishing touches will beautify your yard and add an elegant touch to match your new pool.

Pinnacle Exterior Construction is a Baton Rouge residential and commercial exterior construction company. Pinnacle builds custom gunite pools, fences, bulkheads, neighborhood entrance builder and much more. Call our office in Baton Rouge today for a free consultation!